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Reiki Level 1

The Pathway to Discovering Reiki

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Level one introduces you to the concept of Universal Life Energy and the history of Reiki, and you will receive your first attunement. Level one is intended for you to conduct reiki sessions on other people, pets and most importantly - yourself! Half of this training day is spent in theory discussions, and the other half in hands-on practice. During this workshop, you will receive, as well as give, a portion of a reiki session observed by Sabrina.


Next Reiki 1 Course is scheduled for Friday April 22 from 11am to 4pm

Lymphatics 101 

Decoding Your Body & Home Health Practice

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What is the lymphatic system? Does it play a role in optimum immune health? What are some things I can do to care for my lymphatic system at home? Join me for an online workshop to learn all about your lymphatic system, the connection to immune health, and why it's important to pay attention to. I'll show you some simple at-home practices that can help to clear and decongest the lymph nodes and channels, and send you a helpful pdf at the end of the workshop so you can start being your own healer.


Wednesday April 27 at 7pm via Zoom

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