Ticking Hormone Bomb - Women's Monthly

Ticking Hormone Bomb - Women's Monthly


Ladies! Let's talk about those monthly symptoms and an amazing new combo you can turn to when your hormones are spiraling out of control. I originally formulated my "Ticking Hormone Bomb" women's monthly blend to help tame even the wildest of PMS symptoms that I was personally experiencing. Plus I've teamed up with the amazing Aly from Geek+Tea to provide you an herbal double whammy for your period blues (Warrior Princess Tea).

All joking aside, take care and support yourself during your monthly cycle - a supportive essential oil blend designed to ease emotional upset, tame mood swings, and assist with cramping pain and bloating - paired with a soothing cup of tea designed with the same things in mind - you'll feel like yourself in no time. We've got your back chickies ❤️ (and seriously, this blend feels like bliss on a crampy backache)

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