Ultimate Facial Care Package

Ultimate Facial Care Package


3 Amazing 100% Plant-Based Facial Care Products in 1 Package (with choice of essential oils - Citrus, Floral, Herbaceous, etc.) and blended to your skin type (Normal, Mature, Oily, Dry, Sensitive, Acne-prone)

Exfoliating Cleanser (50ml): Gently exfoliating, with no harsh chemicals, preservatives, or alcohol. Eco-certified Aloe & Hemp cleanser base with floral waters, Jojoba glacier beads (natural biodegradable exfoliant made of Jojoba wax esters), witch hazel and choice of essential oils.

Hydrating Toner (100ml): Lightly astringent to tone and tighten, yet still moisturizing. Organic and eco-certififed floral waters, witch hazel and choice of essential oils.

Facial Serum (30ml): This luxurious facial serum is blended to your skin type and scent preference. Depending on skin type includes oils such as Rosehip seed, Sea buckthorn, Apricot kernel, Evening primrose, Benzoin-infused jojoba, Hazelnut, Meadowfoam, and the list goes on.