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Initial Aromatherapy Consultation

Appt. Length: 1 hr        Cost: $80

This is your first appointment and client intake. We'll take some extra time for a thorough client intake assessment and discussion of your proposed treatment plan. Your first aromatherapy consultation includes the cost of 1 product* specifically formulated for you to address the health and wellness concerns we have discussed.

*Additional charges apply for CBD products


Follow-up & Video Consultations

Appt. Length: 30 min        Cost: $50

Have we met before but have more to talk about? Would you like additional products formulated for treatment of an issue you're experiencing? Then this is the session for you. Plus, if you have access to a computer and want to lessen your carbon footprint, we can talk from the comfort of our own homes via Skype.

Swedish Massage

Aroma- & Lymph-Massage

Appt. Length: 1 hr        Cost: $80

Aromatherapy massage is a full body relaxation massage using essential oils specifically chosen to provide unique therapeutic benefits to you. It has a profound influence on your well-being by incorporating massage techniques to regulate the nervous system, stimulate the lymphatic system, ease muscular tension and promote circulation.

*Additional charges apply for CBD massage oil


Custom Blends & Product Formulations

Cost: varies depending on product

I formulate and blend all of my own products, and my focus is on individual custom remedies unique to you. 

*Additional charges apply for CBD products

Custom Products Unique to You!

I blend all of my own products, and my focus is on individual custom blends. This means less waste and each product is fresh with no preservatives. The products I formulate for you follow these guidelines:

  • Sustainable & Organic (when possible) Essential and Carrier Oils

  • Zero Synthetics

  • Sustainable Packaging with Minimal Plastic

  • Reflective of Me - don't expect fancy packaging, but you'll get all of my dedication and positive energy in everything I blend


Products I specialize in:
Face & Hair Serums, Body Oils, Lotions, Body Butters, Diffuser Blends, Inhalers, Bath Salts, Shower Gel... and the list goes on. Check out some of the products I always have on hand below, and contact me directly to purchase.

Women's Monthly

10ml Roller Bottle

For me, each month brings about a change from laid-back, easy-going Sabrina to "the other Sabrina" - some of you ladies know what I mean. This blend keeps that other woman safely tucked away.



Travel Oil

10ml Roller Bottle

Travel with this powerful blend of essential oils in your arsenal, and protect yourself from the germ-filled flight cabin. Simply roll this antimicrobial and immune-boosting blend on your wrists and neck, and feel better as you take to the skies.





10ml Roller Bottle

For tween and teen young women starting the hormone roller coaster of life! A gentler blend than my Women's Monthly, but still as effective at keeping the hormone monster at bay.





30ml Lotion

This arthritis lotion is a best seller - Achy and inflamed joints beware! This blend of essential oils targets pain and inflammation to provide soothing relief from osteoarthritis. 





10ml Roller Bottle

To support a sense of balance and help calm the spirit, think of this as your daily therapeutic perfume. If you're always feeling tense, stressed, anxious and overburdened, this is for you.



Scar Tissue


15ml Salve

I originally developed this recipe to treat my 9-year old c-section scar, and used myself as a test case. After 2 months of using this salve, my scar was noticeably finer, softer and less noticeable. If you have a scar you'd like to treat, drop me a line.



Just For Kids!

Kids are unique - they're smaller than adults and need gentler products. Kids are a case where less really is more!

Dream Time

Help your little one drift off into dreamland - available in a pillow mist or diffuser blend.

Tween Balance

When hormones make their presence known, help your tween/teen take back control.

Calm & Steady

Stress, focus, concentration - it's amazing how a lovely blend of oils can help balance & soothe. 


Contact Sabrina directly: Phone 647-574-9287


Address: Home Treatment Studio,

Flamboro St., Waterdown, Ontario

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